Thoughts on Modern Warfare 3 and current games pileup

Current work status

Most of my work time is being spent on various things related to Umbra’s upcoming 3.1 release, which our team is working hard on. I’m spending my time on trying to best exploit our wonderful clients to be able to use them as references in selling our technology. This is common practice in the industry, but the annoying thing is that there’s a lot of politics, legal and PR hurdles to negotiate.

Understandably company X is protective of it’s brand, but while I said exploit, we don’t want to to misrepresent any partner we work with out there. If only the marketing and CEO folks would know how Umbra’s engineers have helped their own teams and the mutual respect that exists.

I’m really impatient and ADD. I’ve found out that I’d rather do things, do them again, and then think, what’s the best way to do it. I don’t mind redoing things since I rather like doing than really planning things out – it’s just a question of iteration.


I did buy Skyrim, not my genre at all, but I got that on my table with Saints Row 3, Lords of the Rings: War in the North are all games I haven’t even booted up yet. I was sure I’d buy a 3DS when Super Mario Land 3D shipped, but havent done it and I’m not sure if I will. So many other games to play and I’m sure to buy a aPlayStaton Vita, so I want to save my money.

Modern Warfare 3: thoughts

I like the team at Infinity Ward and I love Call of Duty. I really anticipated Modern Warfare 3. I’m now level 60 on my first Prestige round.  I’m a bit hesitant to write about this, since, well due to many things, but I speak because I spend a lot of money own the franchise and love it. So I speak as a fan.

The maps

By and large, I don’t like the map design. I outright hate Carbon and that London Underground level. The larger levels work better and I’m really hot and cold about Mission. Dome is the usual “wackier” Infinity Ward level like Shipment, but I just dies so often in this level.

The multiplayer level design ethos for MW3, based on interviews and demo’s that IW has done, was to avoid spawn trapping and the regular “figure 8” design of multiplayer maps. The result is that maps are super cluttered with vehicles, walls and just random boxes and stuff, that really hamper movement. There’s very few levels with long stretches of streets etc areas. I understand the design choice, but I’m not a fan of it.

I do not mind design that funnels players into certain areas. I can see though now after about 35 hours of MW3 multiplayer that there are area’s like this in the game. For example, the B flag area in Outpost is like a magnet for players…we love to throw explosives around the flag and shoot long distance.

So, there is a lot of camping in some ways and moving around the levels is a bit frustrating which is not helped by the constant bumping into other players. I assume this is due to the clutter in the levels and just narrower spaces. It’s still weird, previous games in the franchise only had this when you started a level and everybody ran in a group.

It’s funny, how when we played Black Ops, we thought the maps were good, but IW’s probably will be better. Now you realize just what an amazing job Treyarch’s map designers did with such gem’s as Summit, Jungle and WMD. Those are amazing multiplayer levels that obviously work within the multiplayer design ethos of Treyarch.

The lack of a proper scoreboard

You play Domination, which is about Captures, right? The scoreboard only lists Kills, Assists and Deaths. In fact, those are the only scores listed in any mode.

I really don’t understand the reasoning behind this. There’s a huge psychological impact that the Scoreboard has. When you see a player like me or our clan players (HTWN), in many cases, the Kill/Death ratio will look lousy, but you are in the lead with Captures. This was a strength in Black Ops, where the Scoreboard in Domination listed Captures first. You can immediately see who played “properly” by capturing, and who concentrate on just K/D and camping.

Sure, I can see after pretty much every match that I got the most Captures and get the emblem for it. Nobody else, but me see’s  that however. Even the Lobby Leaderboard only show’s lifetime stat’s, but at least that lists the Capture’s you’ve made.

So there is no list of the Captures I made in a single Domination match. That feels really bad for a player like me who only plays Domination and plays it correctly ie. I make captures and that tends to get me killed quite often.

    • heppu1
    • December 1st, 2011

    Odotin että olisit tehnyt toisen mielipiteen MW3:sesta pelaajaan mutta näinkin 😀 Herää kysymys: mitä das rampa IW oikeastaan teki, sellaista huhua on kuulunut että IW teki vain yksinpelin ja Sledgehammer tuotti moninpelin. Taaai en muista oliko kyseinen muisto uutinen : /

      • Anonymous
      • December 2nd, 2011

      Mun piti kirjoittaa, mutta aika, jne taas vaihteeksi.

      IW teki pitkälti moninpelin ja Sledgehammer teki suurimman osan yksinpelistä IW:n valvovan silmän alla. Raven taas teki suurimman osan moninpelin valikoista.

    • heppu1
    • December 2nd, 2011

    Ahaa! 🙂 Minkäslaista porukkaa IWlle muuten palkattiin lead designer päähän, mitään tietoa mitä ennen tehnyt?

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