3DS, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario Land 3d and The Last of Us

I really dont like 3D at all and as a fan of Sony, it’s been disappointing to see the company push 3D so hard and game games suffering a bit because of the need to include 3D support. You could use that memory for something better.

Yet…I bought a 3DS  in December! Suffice to say, Nintendo has left me cold since the Super Nintendo, but I bought a DS because of New Super Mario Bros. and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which were both absolutely brilliant games. In general, I have zero interest for Zelda or most games published for Nintendo’s platforms, but when I knew Super Mario Land 3D was coming for the 3DS, I knew I would buy a 3DS. Mario Kart 7 helps as well. I still dont like 3D, but both of these games are awesome. I didnt dig Super Mario Galaxy so much, I like Mario more old school.

The 3DS interface is quite nice, if a bit slow. Still, it feels well thought out, it’s easy to access during games. I only wish the virtual keyboard would have bigger buttons. Even with the stylus it’s kinda hard to type accurately. Then again, with the rubbish iPhone virtual keyboard we are all beginning to type like shit and accept spelling mistkases.

I find that keeping the 3D bar around halfway, is good for me and I dont get nauseated the second I lose “sync” with the image. I play mostly on the busride to downtown in the mornings and the bus ride aint that smooth, but I can play ok.

I’m confused by the directional pad allowing to change the 3D effect at least in Mario Land…which one am I supposed to use?!? The manual doesnt even mention this option.

Super Mario Land 3D

A bit too easy. I got something like 60+ lives pretty fast. I dont mind games being easy these days and Mario should work for everyone, but I think the design-decision of giving the player invicibility after dying a few times in quick succession, is not a great one. It sure was a design decision that caused a lot of back and forth with the game’s designers, but I find it a negative decision. There’s a good variety of levels and the later you get into the game, the more 3D comes into play.

Mario Kart 7

Having the “7” in the name almost feels like a fuck you from Nintendo of Japan to Retro Studios who made the game, but the game is really, really good. First Mario Kart since Super NES that I actually care about. Really smooth graphics, good track design and even the online aspect seems good even if it is impossible for me to achieve any other placement than last. The 3D here is actually good and useful – in this game I can see and feel the benefit.

I’m looking forward to the new 3DS Resident Evil game, though I really hope I dont have to buy and use that fucking additional analogue pad controller for the game!

The Last of Us

Surprise’s are fun sometimes, no? I was really happy that the fact that Naughty Dog has been working on The Last of Us for a good 18 months never got out there. I guess I can now say that when I intervewed there in spring 2010, the second team building was on it’s way I think.  There’s so little surprises in the videogames industry as rumours are usually 99% of the time true. I think for many of us the first reaction was that man, this end of the world zombie stuff is played out and I feel that, but on the other hand, if Naughty Dog are going for real survival horror and building relationships between the key characters, that’s something that really hasn’t been done very well at all in the last few years.

All in all, starting a new IP on the current generation of consoles is really great and something that really hadn’t happened in the past.


    • Joonas
    • February 18th, 2012

    Super Mario Land 3d seems like a game that uses the features of 3ds to its benefits. It seems like each mario-game is using its platform to its fullest.

    p.s. Pelaajacast soon?

    • Pootie
    • March 25th, 2012

    Oh, c’mon Thomas, post something! Every time with the back to back nights at opera, I’m sick of that Sydney shit.

    You are giving me far too many 40 degree days.

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