The Darkness 2

I like Digital Extremes up in Canada. I visited them sometime in early 2000 for Unreal Championship on the Xbox. They are located in a small sleepy town called London, which I had a great time in.

Their latest game is The Darkness 2 published by 2K. Now, DE has superb technology. Their early PS3/Xbox 360 game Dark Sector was amazingly smooth and technically great, but had zero personality. So, with a license that becomes easier. Darkness 2 definitely has personality backed up by superb tech and I’m actually surprised how good the production values are considering DE is a relatively small team. The gunplay is pretty good, the cell-shaded visuals are distinct and often strikingly beautiful. While they’ve dropped the semi-open world of the first game, rightly so really, there’s a good bit of plot-development happening during when there’s no action.

Between levels you hang out at Jackie’s mansion and get to talk to all your mafioso buddies. Now if you are like me and love Goodfellas and all that Mafia-goodness, these part of the game is great. You get to banter with lads named Jimmy the Grape, Jimmy and other cliche mafioso’s. The dialogue is sharp and the athmospere is really great.

I’m kinda playing this because I know there’s no real multiplayer and I know I can get through the game and have a good experience with it. Kinda why I also played through Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS. I didnt like that game btw, very disappointing.

However, now that I’m about 70% into The Darkness 2, the amount of times the difficulty level spikes is getting really annoying. The game would work better if it would be easier and just let you get on with it and enjoy the story more. While the eemy knows the light is Jackie’s and the Darkness enemy, I feel too impotent late in the game with my powers – they just flash me with some massive spotligt/floodlight and I’m almost dead.

Still, an entertaining game definitely worth playing. Bodes well for Digital Extreme’s Star Trek, which I saw a while back in Las Vegas at a Namco Bandai event I was able to attend as a freelaner on top my regular work. I wrote preview of the game in finnish that you can read here.

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