Homeland – Claire Danes is awesome

I recently watched, pretty much non-stop once I got going, a new TV series called Homeland. As you could tell by my book “reviews” I’m intrigued by the shenanigans in Middle East and I’ve read a lot on the subject in the last few years.

Homeland is loosely based on an Israeli series and the premise is pretty awesome. A US soldier thought to be dead in Irak is found by US soldiers after 8 years in captivity. Now, CIA’s analyst Carrie Mathison played superbly (she shows what acting is all about) by Claire Danes thinks the soldier in question Nicholas Brody (equally well acted by Damian Lewis) has been turned and is not who we think he is. The entire season (12 episodes) is about this premise – has Brody been turned into an spy for terrorist Abu Nazir? Can we trust him? The twist is that Carrie was operating in Irak years ago and had to watch one of her informants die due to her actions. This person told Carrier that an US soldier has been turned. Is it Brody? Is it somebody else? Did the informant lie? What is going on?

Claire Danes. I’d probably marry her, if that would be a possibility

It’s amazing how well the tension is kept throughout the entire 12 episodes and the ending doesn’t shy away from making some drastic developments. Danes is truly incredible – she has this nice girl vibe about her, but she’s a powerhouse actress and she’s, I really think so, absolutely brilliant as Carrie – the flawed but passionate and whip-smart analyst. The other cast such as Mandy Patinkin as the CIA’s middle-eastern division boss is also superb and just what I thought of a person would be in that position based on all that I’ve read. Brody is also well-played by Damian Lewis and his long-suffering wife is played by the ethereally beautiful and incredibly sexy Morena Baccarin. She played Anna in the new, crap, Visitors tv-series.

The stunning Morena Baccarin. Ahem. Yes, I could marry her too.

The showrunners are veterans of the tv-field: Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, who worked on X-Files and also 24. The high production values are familiar, but I’m glad they have managed to turn down the (often awesome) insanity of 24 and the Reagan/Bush-like republican politics evident in that show. Homeland is serious and manages to be relatively “grey” in portraying both sides. Indeed, the whole vibe in the show is remarkably realistic, for a tv-show that is, which I can appreciate.

My only problem with this show is that it is continuing – there is going to be an second season. Surely the premise cannot live on much longer. The tension is so palpable in the first season, but I’m having a hard time seeing it being kept up for another season.

We shall see starting late September when Homeland’s secon season starts.



    • jryi
    • May 13th, 2012

    Homeland was great. You should also check out Sleeper Cell (http://akas.imdb.com/title/tt0465353/). Lots of similar themes.

    Oh yeah, I’ve been in love with Morena Baccarin since I first saw her in Firefly. (Yet another excellent TV show.)

  1. Hmm, I’ll try to check out Sleeper Cell, thanks for the tip.

    • Keijo-Annikki
    • May 18th, 2012

    Baccarin was so hawt in Firefly. Still feels so bad Fox canceled Firefly after 1st season. šŸ˜¦ The best Sci-fi show ever!

    And yeah, Homeland is a great show. Claire Danes was superb.

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