Thoughts on Euro 2012 and adding 8 more teams into the mix in 2016

Pretty good Euro 2012 so far huh? Sadly the tournament structure is going to change.

16 teams is enough. I used to love Michel Platini when he weaved his magic for Juventus and who can forget his silky skills and bad haircut at Mexico 86, Spain in 82 and 84. However, I really do not like how he’s running UEFA and soon FIFA, though I’m sure I’m not aware of countless things that affect his decision-making.

“The best things in life should enjoyed in moderation”, which is something most US folks could keep in mind and me when it comes to dessert. That reminds my mighty colleague Sampo brough me a cupcake to work, sweet!

The next European Championships in 2016 (held in France) will have 24 teams instead of the current 16. That will dilute the quality of competition. Sure, some countries are catching up (Finland not being one of them), but for the near future 16 teams is enough. There is not enough quality out there for eight more teams. Like Finland.

Platini can wax lyrical all he wants about how more European teams (like Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary etc) should have a chance of competing in the Euro’s. Why? Only the best should compete. I’d love to see Finland in the Euro’s, but the best have to be there and we are not good enough. Simple as that.

Money and greed drive football these days. At least Platini has been quite straight forward in saying that this is also about money. More teams means longer tournament, which in turn means more matches, which in turn means more television and per match income.

It will also give us meaningless matches and make the tournament too long when the top players schedules is too congested anyway. The players like Christiano Ronaldo and Messi already clock in like 70 matches a year which no matter how healthy you life, surely will lessen your career. Then again, you make so much money that who cares.

Right now, as Euro 2012 shown, there’s hardly any meaningless matches. You have three matches in the group stage and if you lose one, you are already in trouble, which makes for an exciting tournament. Even when teams are out after two matches and we end up getting a meaningless France – Sweden, it’s still fun to see since the team going out will surely want to go out in style as Sweden did.

Eight more teams? We dont need them for now.

From the Champions League final I was lucky enough to attend.

    • Atezki
    • July 3rd, 2012

    Feel the same way. Overall this year’s Euro was great and the teams were top notch. Basically every match was worth watching.

    Those plus 8 teams wouldn’t bring anything important to the tournament, it just would be more pointless matches. I think 3 weeks is more than enough for this kind of competition, for players but also to the watchers. Month is a long time to keep playing and watching almost every day.

    Hopefully after 2016 they realize that it doesn’ work and go back to 16 teams. And hopefully Spain keeps winning.

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