Stuck in Seattle

It’s been really busy at work in the beginning of 2013 (thanks Adam). It’s great really, some changes at the company and while there’s frustration, at least it feels like goals are more clear and there’s more for me to do. So we launched Umbra 3.2 on February 1st and it’s been pretty good since. Last fall felt pretty aimless, but now there’s loads for me to do. Check out this video about what our technology or rather, software, does.

So the first real contact that came to fruition on my behalf was Eidos Montreal who licensed Umbra 3 for a future project. Cant say anything else than that, but it was gratifying to handle that whole deal from start to finish.

So GDC 2013 is in two weeks. I’m writing this at the Seattle airport. We got up at 5am with my CTO/CEO and were on a planet at 7am to New York, but due to a mechanical fault, the plane didnt take off and we got out. Two hours of queuing later, we get a 7pm Seattle to London flight and then to Helsinki. Well, such is life when travelling. We are both so tired that we really dont have energy to work or leave the airport and go the nearby mall or something

The past week we’ve been in Seattle on business. I really like this town. I have a few great friends here like Mr Berghammer . Umbra has worked with Bungie for over two years on Destiny and I’ve gotten to know some of the Bungie crew at various developer conferences. I have to say everybody’s super cool and just nice. We had some work to do at the studio, but they let us hang out there too, which was really appreciated. Cant really say anything about Destiny of course 😉 Bungie’s studio is amazing. Over 350 people and it’s in a mall and used to be a movie theatre. So the ceiling is set super high and the space is very open. The same building has restaurants, bars, a gym and across the street there is a California Pizza Kitchen. It cannot get much better than that! The same block has Suckerpunch, tons of Microsoft offices, Valve is a few blocks down, so is Arenanet and Camouflaj. Shoutout to the crew at Camouflaj and Suckerpunch!

The week before we spent in California on some PlayStation 4 stuff, I can say shit about it either. So two weeks on the road and five different hotels in two weeks.  So I spend six days back home and then fly out to San Francisco for GDC.

So I cant really complain. It’s a cool job with a lot of freedom and some frustrations with engineers, but I get to ball around the world and see hardware and games years before they are announced, which is awesome. Of course, there’s a girl who I again didn’t manage to charm enough that’s been making me sad for most of the year but with so much work now and really just getting used to told no, you get over these things faster.

Most of this week was spent on GDC-related matters. Organizing stuff for our meeting room such as graphics for the exteriors, working on a brochure, then there’s lots of Umbra-news I had to put all over the internets like Eidos Montreal, PlayStation 4, Destiny type of things, tracking some customer-client relations, doing some ad’s for GDC etc.

I got Tomb Raider in my luggage. Somewhere. Hope it makes it back home! I was thinking that I will stay on west coast time back in Finland so I’d be better prepared for GDC, but we’ll see how it goes.

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