500 Exotic Bounty made me into a better Crucible player

I got over four and half days of game time invested in Destiny. I love this game so much. Really glad there’s a service break for a few hours today so I have to stop playing. Just want more content. I’m at level 29 now, almost halfway. What I want to talk to you about today is this one bounty and how it changed things for me…

So, I was playing in the evening and got one of those Exotic bounties. My first reaction when I got an exotic Weapon Bounty requiring me to get 500 points in the Crucible was “fuck off!!!”. I already had three other Exotic bounty “tickets” taking up space out of the five slots. When you got those easy Patrol Mission/Collect 200 something etc bounties, you’d rather do those especially since I already got some killer Exotic weapons…

Forcing me to play MP where I’m not very good and requiring 500 points, at least it was not kills, which would be very annoying. It was 500 points that you had to get by killing enemies and if you die, you lose points. Basically, having a positive Kill/Death ratio in every match. That is what was required. Easier said than done.

The first few matches were nothing but despair. I’m just not very good in MP even though I got max prestiges in several Call of Duty’s. I was just hating the Bounty, saying this just cannot be done. I gained 20 points, then dropped back to 5. I just could not get going.

Slowly, I grinded away and it just felt so slow. Got the first 100 points and something happened. I realized I have start playing much more carefully, or rather intelligently. I had to change my ways.

The 500 point bounty is the best thing that happened to me in Crucible and probably in multiplayer games.

Since you had to have a positive KD, I had to play smartly. Which means, I stopped running, I stopped going all over the map. I started to watch the radar a lot more closely. When I saw some action on the radar, I followed other players of my team into battle so they’d take the first hits and I could maybe get some kills easier. I also started to simply stay either between the A and B area or vice versa in Control. That’s what you tend to do in Team Deathmatch kind of games, trying to dominate an area.

I got up to 300 points and my KD was around 1.5 and 2.0. I dont think I have concentrated on any multiplayer matches as much as I did in these Control matches. I was squeezing the Dualshock 4 so hard 😀 I kept jumping back into the Inventory menu to see how my Bounty score was going. It was so annoying to see it go down after one or two great matches. I was making progress though by really changing my bad multiplayer habits.

When I hit over 400 points, my KD was around 2.5 and I did an amazing 15 kill streak. I know I would do it. It felt so good to play in a controlled, disciplined way. I was doing all the things pro palyers hav etold me to do but I’ve been too indisciplined. Looking at the radar, trying to anticipate the movement of other player sand just not running into battles, but really picking my fights and shots.

Aim for the head. That’s what you always should be doing, but it’s so hardwired into me that aim for the body because that’s easier to hit. That’s just dumb, but now I was forced to really aim for the head to try to make sure I get the kill.

In the end, it only took me like a dozen matches to get the 500 points, maybe even just 10 matches. It was so exciting for such an artifical reason. I thought the Bounty was bullshit at first, but turned out to be one of the best things in a multiplayer game – forcing me to play in a smarter way.

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